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Unlocking Seamless Document Generation with Documentero and Zapier

Zapier Document Generation, also known as automated document creation, is a powerful tool that allows you to streamline the process of generating various types of documents, such as Word or PDF files, through seamless integration with various applications and services. By utilizing the capabilities of Zapier, users can create a fully automated workflow for document generation, eliminating the need to manually input data and format documents, let the app handle it.

Why Zapier Document Generation?

Zapier Document Generation offers a plethora of advantages, including time savings, improved accuracy, and increased productivity. By automating the document generation process, users can significantly reduce the time spent on manual data entry and document formatting, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.

Use-Cases for Zapier Document Generation

  1. Automated Invoicing: Generate invoices automatically when a payment is received or when a project is completed.

  2. Dynamic Reports: Create dynamic reports that pull real-time data from different sources, ensuring accuracy and relevance.

  3. Contract Creation: Streamline contract creation by populating predefined templates with client information from your CRM.

  4. Event Confirmations: Using the software, automatically send event confirmations to attendees with personalized details.

  5. Data Collection and Documentation: Integrate forms on your website to collect data and generate documents instantly.

Introducing Documentero - Your Document Generation Ally

Documentero is a robust document generation tool that seamlessly integrates with Zapier, offering an intuitive and user-friendly interface for creating and automating document generation workflows.

Getting Started with Documentero

To get started with Documentero, users can simply connect their desired applications and data sources through Zapier, allowing them to automate the generation of documents based on specific triggers and inputs.

Step 1: Create Document Template

You can start creating your document templates in any editor (Microsoft Word / LibreOffice ) or using online tools (Google Docs) that supports docx format and save them to your Google Drive. You need to replace all fields that you are expecting to fill automatically with special tags sourrended by special “curly” brackets.

How to create document templates using Zapier

Step 2: Upload your document template to Document Automation Service

Upload your document template into Document Automation Service. It will verify if it does not contain errors and list down all detected fields.

Step 3: Decide on document output format using Zapier.

Decide if you want to generate docx using a specific app. (Word) or PDF documents as output. It’s better to use an app to generate docx if you are going to edit them further.

Step 4: Connect your Zapier Account to Documentero account

You need to copy Documentero apiKey from your account page (click on user avatar > your account) to Zapier.

Step 5: Create new Zap in Zapier

Create your automation workflow and use Documentero as action to generate documents: Zapier Documentero Integration

Select one of two actions:

  • Generate Document (Generate Word or PDF Document based on Document Template)
  • Generate Document and send as email attachment (Generate Word or PDF Document based on Document Template and sends it to the specified email as an attachment)

Select your document template (previously created in Documentero) & map all fields that you want fill in in document from your zap trigger.

Step 6: Test your workflow

Check if whole zap is passing through and generate documents for your needs.

In conclusion, the combination of Zapier’s automation prowess and Documentero’s advanced document generation capabilities opens up a world of possibilities for businesses seeking efficiency and accuracy in their workflows. Register with Documentero today, and elevate your document generation process to new heights!

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